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Usui Tibetan Reiki Master


As a Master Reiki Facilitator, I've had the opportunity of working with English and Spanish speaking populations. I've received extensive training and certifications in Usui Tibetan Reiki. I specialize in working with  ADD, Family, and Group relationships. I firmly believe that people can heal themselves and others by recognizing the wellbeing within ourselves. 


"We don't need a special gift to heal ourselves, we only need to recognize and remember the power within our wellbeing"- Gina Robert

Gina holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from ISEC University and a certification in suicide prevention by UGA. Gina welcomes adults, children, adolescents, and families. She offers support with Reiki techniques she has learned since 2006 as got certified as a Usui Tibetan Reiki Masters in 2010 by Phyllis Lei Furomoto's School and Brenan Paige. Gina also has different certifications as Angelic Therapist    ATP by Angelica Bovino in Mexico (2010), Reconnective Healing®  by Eric Pearl  Miami (2010), Reconnection®  by Eric Pearl Miami  (2010),  Deeksha Blessing by Oneness University Atlanta (2011), Magnified Healing by Magali Ferrer Atlanta (2012),  
Radiesthesia by Magali Ferrer (2012), Angelic Oracle Reading  by  Doreen Virtue (2012), 
Tantric Certified by Dennis Greenfield Ashville (2016), Access Bart Certified by Access Consciousness (2018), Suicide Prevention Facilitator by  UGA (2019)


Certified Family Constellations Facilitator


As a Bilingual and I Multi-cultural experienced Facilitator I have the honor to work with Spanish and English-speaking people to facilitate access to their inner wisdom.  

Family Constellations (FC) allows a person to find the cause to a problematic current event that can have its roots in their personal, family, and or lineage history.

My own experience with FC allows me to walk alongside my clients to integrate and honor what is separated, excluded, and forgotten. FC offers a new perspective that can lead to transform difficult situations. What is hidden in the unconscious could be the blockage to prosperity and peace. 

My contribution to you is to join you with FC, from a humble, respectful, and loving intention, to look from another perspective in order to act differently and obtain distinct results, unique actions to your Family Clan, and to The Universe.

What would it take for your Soul to choose the invitation to a Better-Being? It is an honor and a privilege to accompany you, so that you can access the fullness, prosperity, and abundance that are available to you and waiting for you to receive.

Cecy holds a Bachelors degree in Certified Accounting from EBC (Escuela Bancaria y Comercial) in Mexico, City. She is certified by Access Consciousness as a practitioner and facilitator of Family Constellations in the U.S. and Mexico.

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